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We understand that choosing your company's benefit plan puts you in a highly visible and sensitive position. If you make the wrong decision, you risk jeopardizing your employees trust in the company and creating low staff morale. If you make the right decision, your employees will feel valued and will be more productive staff members.

At Experienced Brokerage, we want to share that responsibility. We are confident that choosing us as your broker will enable you to make the right decision for your employees.

Experienced Brokerage is a New York City based organization serving clients in the NY, NJ, CT, DE, PA, Washington, DC, Florida and Texas. As brokers for the highest rated insurance carriers and with over 20 years experience in the insurance industry, we offer clients products and services that best fit their needs. Our area of expertise is employee benefits including group health, dental, long term disability and life insurance.

Feel free to browse this site and learn more about Experienced Brokerage. We hope you find the articles and tools available useful. For more information, please contact us at